When plan C should have been plan A

Today began with a bit of a rocky start. I set the boat up on my go to Yellowtail fishing spot. After about 5 minutes of fishing I knew 100% that given the conditions it was not going to work. I thought to myself no matter I’ll go out to a nearby wreck and fish there. The same thing happened again after about 5 minutes of being set on my second spot I knew for certain again that this was never going to work out. Well here goes time for plan C. I got the boat set on a wreck about 4 miles from my last 2 attempts and we began catching fish. We landed some nice yellowtail snapper and Amber jacks one after the other. After catching enough for dinner and our arms spent from catching Amber jacks we made one final move. We anchored the boat on a deep patch of reef in about 90 feet of water. We had non stop action catching grouper after grouper and even a few big Barracuda and shark as a bonus. After a slow start we finished about as strong as possible.

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