4 Hours Tuna and Sharks

We got to the dock early and left Key West at around 7am. It was then that we pointed the bow south and charged offshore in search of Mahi Mahi and Tuna. It was not long until we found a great weedline, but were disappointed that there were no Mahi on it. We pushed further offshore and found some birds feeding on the water. These birds led us to a few Bonita and one nice Skip Jack Tuna. Usually anything you find floating offshore is covered in Mahi and all sorts of other life but not today. There were even two huge bamboo sections that ended up being empty.

Tuna Fishing Key West

After catching a few short Mahi throughout the morning, the action was just not what I had hoped. It was then that we pulled the lines in and headed for one of my favorite wrecks for better action. We got to the spot, anchored the boat up, and put the lines out. It was no more than 5 minute and we finally had the action we were looking for. We caught a lot of sharks and jacks (we even lost a few groupers in the wreck) before packing it in and heading for port back on Key West.

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