Shark Attack

This morning as we were catching Yellowtail snappers we had a few Lemon sharks lurking 30 feet or so behind the boat. Swimming in and amongst our Yellowtails. Every time we hooked a snapper it was a race to get the fish in before it became shark food. Once we had our snappers along with a dozen nice sized Blue Runners in the livewell we set off to a wreck in 300 feet. Sharks are always present at every single spot I have ever fished here in the Florida Keys. When it come to shark there are few places with the shear size and verity we have here.

We hooked up right away on our first drift as we got to the wreck. To our dismay we were greeted again and again by the sharks not able to get a whole fish to the boat. We landed a few jacks before waving the white flag and moving to another wreck to only meet the same problem once more. We did land a few but, paid a heavy tax this morning before heading home to clean what was left of our catch.