Mahi and Then Some

Today was another great day of offshore fishing here out of beautiful Key West, Florida. We loaded up and headed out at 7am. We were is search of Mahi so we headed South out of Key West into the Atlantic. After about a 45 min ride, we came across a huge weedline with lots on little birds. This was exactly what we were looking for. The lines went in, and in no time we had 3 fish on at the same time. We could have caught these little Mahi till our arms fell off, but we pressed on after catching 10 or so to look for bigger fish. After about 2 hours of steady bites, but still all smaller fish, we decided to switch gears.

We headed in a little bit shallower to do some deep dropping. We got out the big electric reel and sent some baits down 500 to 700 feet. There were none stop bites here as well. We were catching Rose fish, Blueline tile fish, Golden tile fish and Snowy grouper. With our limit of most of our deep water fish in the cooler, we had just enough time to make one last stop. On our way in, we made a drift over a deep wreck in about 320 feet. Barely 1 minute into the drift, we hooked a monster fish. After a long fight, my 2 very determined angers were successful. It was a monster Amber jack that I would guess was in the 70 lb range. With what could only be described as a perfect day, we headed back to the dock to clean some delicious fish for dinner.

Offshore Fishing Key West

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