Mini lobster season

I somehow didn’t have a trip for opening day of lobster mini season so I loaded up some friends and we headed out to grab our limit. I headed out away from the madness that is mini season. If you have been here for it you know what i mean. We set the boat on my favorite rock and that was all she wrote. We had our 4 person limit and headed back in after really no time at all.

After hitting the dock a passer buy asked if I would go back out and take them for a lobster charter. I of cores said yes. I asked them to meet me at the boat in a few hours as I had friends and gear to take home. So as fast as possible we went home ate and I headed right back out there. We tried a few of my favorite spots but my divers were very novice and could not manage the 13 feet depth. I picked up and headed near shore and we got quit a few lobsters before heading home.