Mini Lobster Season Day 1

Mini lobster season here in the Keys is as big as New Years Day everywhere else. These are some crazy fun days to be on the water or even just in town. The dive shops are packed with people getting last minute gear and the marinas are packed with boats in every slip. Mini season consists of 2 days, Wed and Thurs, starting about a week before the regular season opens.

While is it definitely not easy, catching lobster can be so much fun. I would say, though, that you need to be comfortable in the water with both swimming and snorkeling. The more freediving experience you have, the better. Most of the spots I go to hunt for lobsters are between 8 and 15 feet deep. This depth can make it tough for some get down to the bottom if they don’t know what to expect.

This year, I had a husband and wife with their 2 boys and we has a blast! The boys and their father were very comfortable in the water, but the Mrs stayed in the boat, drank wine, and took a lot of pictures. By days end, we had just shy of our limit, leaving many legal lobsters behind for tomorrow. It was another perfect day on the water with calm seas and lots of smiles.

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