Round 2: Mahi Mahi

Heading out on day 2 (this time for a full day) in search of Mahi Mahi. We, again, headed South out of Key West for a good 15 mile run , but we found the fish. The bite was non-stop first thing in the morning. We were catching Mahi 2 or 3 at a time. After boxing more than a few decent Mahi, we pressed on to look for a monster one. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any monsters. In fact, as the sun got high in the sky the bite slowed down,  so we decided to switch gears.

Key West offshore charters

We headed in a few miles to some of my favorite deep dropping spots. I brought the electric reel out and plugged it in. After a quick lesson in using the electric reel, the kids were having a blast and landing lots of cool and exotic fish they have never seen (or even heard of). We landed Blue Lint Tile fish, Rose fish, Bearded Brotula, and a little Snowy Grouper. The beauty of deep dropping is that you never know what’s going to happen down there at depths between 500-900 feet. We had a day full of Mahi laughs and new species; time to head home and do it all again tomorrow.

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