Big Bites at Sunset

Our trip today was an afternoon/evening run. We left the dock at 2 pm and would be coming back around 8 pm when the sun was setting. We started our trip on the reef in search of Yellowtails and sharks, but unfortunately the current was less than conducive for this style of fishing. We didn’t stay there long, so we switched gears and tried the edge of the reef. On our first deep stop, we landed a few small sharks and one big Sandbar shark about 120 pounds.

Key West group fishing charters

We had a blast with the sharks, but now had our sights were set on catching snappers and groupers. We ended up moving a few miles and re-anchored the boat in about 130 feet on a small wreck. This wreck was just a few hundred feet off the edge of the reef. We didn’t get a lot of bites but the ones we did get were all worthy fish. We first landed a beautiful Black grouper in the 25 pound range. Next, we landed a monster Lemon shark in the 300 pound range. With just a few minutes left to fish, we hooked a slob Mutton snapper that was easily 15 pounds or more. After a quick picture, we pulled anchor and headed home with a beautiful front row view of the world famous Key West sunset.

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