Today was one of, if not, the best 4 hour charter I have ever had. Without a doubt, this is a trip I won’t soon forget. The previous day I had fished for 6 hours and honestly didn’t have much to show for it; but that is just fishing, that is how it goes. One day you can’t get a bite to save your life and the next day the fish are jumping in the boat.

Today, I woke up feeling ready to prove myself and do better than yesterday and that’s exactly what I did. The charter and I loaded up and left at 7 am and parked the boat at 7:30 am. Our first stop was in 170 feet of water and not once did we need to move. We started with a 42 lb black grouper in the first 15 minutes. Shortly after, we landed 3 more Black groupers back to back to back. In the middle of tossing the 26, 22, and 20 pound groupers on ice, we landed a nice Amberjack about 30 lbs. Later, as a bonus, we got 2 sharks that weighed well over 100 lb. With today’s great bottom bite, we hardly had time for anything else. We did, however, manage to land 7 flag Yellowtail snappers all over 2 lbs in what little time we had remaining. Today was truly a perfect day. A day far beyond what I had planned or could of imagined.

Key West Fishing Trip Package

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