Running out of room in the box

Weather conditions and fishing have been absolutely perfect here in Key West. The snappers the groupers the Mahi everything has been on fire. Today we worked a wreck in 220 ft and never needed to move the boat. We had non-stop action. We caught mutton snappers, groupers, bonita’s, jack’s, barracudas, and honestly more species I can’t even remember. If you’re ever considering a fishing trip to Key West this is the time.

Mutton snapper season in full swing

When it comes to Mutton snapper there’s no time like late spring and summer. Mutton snappers are a crafty fish mostly caught between 50 ft and 200 ft. Here in Key West I love to target these Mutton snappers whenever I can. So give me a call let’s get out there and fill the box with some nice snappers.

Big Jacks break backs

Caught this monster Amberjack on a live speedo. Was trying to catch a wahoo when this beast caught us by surprise. Definitely one of the biggest I’ve caught on light tackle.

Sailfish season is here in Key West

We are now entering the full swing of sailfish season. Tom can be seen here with his first ever Sailfish. We also landed some really nice snappers, groupers, jacks, and blackfin tunas all in our two days of fishing. So don’t delay book your trip of a lifetime today.

Spring is Sprung

with the changing of the season the fish are biting for any reason. The fishing has been absolutely red hot and I expected to only get hotter as we push through April into May and June. Yesterday and today we absolutely crushed the fish catching so many different species. We caught snappers, groupers, amberjacks, silver snappers, and so many more. The weather is getting nicer and the bite is getting even nicer let’s go fishing baby!!

Spring break is always a blast

Families and fishing two things that just go together. We had an absolutely awesome day today. Catching lots of snappers and 2 beautiful Blackfin Tuna. Nothing better than making memories with family on the water.

Snapper fishing

The Yellowtail snapper fishing has been red hot. Tons of big yellowtails and lots of bonitas, King mackerels, sharks, barracudas, and so many other species. Wintertime action is some of the best so many different species comfortable temperatures.

A few sailfish showing up with the changing season

As the water starts to cool off here in Key West we see an increase number and sailfish pushing down some of the color changes. We were bottom fishing on a wreck in 190 when we hooked this beautiful sailfish. We also landed multiple mutton snappers , sharks, and a few really nice amber jacks before heading home on a 6-hour charter.

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Changing of the seasons

The temperature has finally broken here in beautiful Key West. We have finally left the ’80s and are now continuing to linger in the mid ’70s on most days. This change in temperature is what gets the fish really going this time of year. We will begin to see more fish coming back up onto the reef from the deep. We will also see more sailfish coming through and lots and lots more tunas.

Big Jacks

Today we headed offshore to do a little mahi fishing. Then why he bite was much slower than we had hoped for so we came in and started fishing on a deep wreck. We hooked multiple jacks over 50 lbs and caught a few Bonita’s before heading home.