Meat Mayhem

Last year I had fished the Meat Mayhem King fish tournament here in beautiful Key West all by my self. I called up a good buddy of mine Chuck and asked if he would join me for the touronaut this year. Chuck was in and we were a go. Chuck garbed a few buddies and we headed out in some really rough seas in search of a monster King so we could take home some prize money. We started off really hot catching a few nice Kings in the 30lb range and spent the rest of the day trying to improve but never could. It was a long and hard day on the water but all in all a great experience. I am looking forward to next year and getting my name on one of those huge checks. 🙂

Big Snappers in the deep

Today I got to take Dave and his son Scott out fishing on a 6 hour charter. We skipped the reef and went straight out to the deep. We started on a wreck in 220 feet of water where we had constant steady action. Starting the day off with a few nice Porgy and Vermillion snappers. With a few nice fish in the box we set our sights on some big Mutton snappers and that’s exactly what we got.  Dave got the first 2 big Muttons snappers both well over 10 lbs. Scott was next with a monster Mutton close to 15lbs. After we had lots of meat in the cool we picked up and moves to a wreck in 150 feet where we ended our day catching a few Barracudas for sport at the end of the day.


red hot reef action

This morning we left Key West on a little half day trip at 8am. We headed to one of my favorite Yellowtail snapper spots and never had to move. We caught lots of Yellowtails along with so many awesome bonus fish. We caught Bonito, Barracuda, sharks and even a few big King mackerel. We had nonstop action catching fish after fish. You could not ask for a more perfect half day of fishing.

Sun up to sun down

Today we fished all day long. We fished on the reef on the edge of the reef. We fished some deep wreck and even drifted a few really deep wrecks. Hooking and landing a few really nice fish at each spot we went. Sadly no spot stayed hot for very long so we bounced around a lot. By days end we had a cooler full of fish and we were all tired and ready to get back to the dock just as it was getting dark.

Little bit of everything

Today we had one hell of a day today fishing with Donald and his family. We left Key West on a full day 8 hour charter at 8 am and headed south west. We started fishing on the reef in about 60 feet where we caught some monster Yellowtail snapper and one big Mutton on light tackle. After the reef we moved out to a wreck in 130 feet where we had lots of success. We caught 2 big Blackfin tuna, Mutton snappers, Sharks, and even a big Black grouper. Today went exactly to plan and was one hell of a good time.

camo on camo

Today I got to take out my friend and long time customer Will. He brought a few of his buddies along with him this time. We had a great time catching fish all day. We hooked and lost a Sailfish and caught a few King Mackerel along with a monster Blackfin tuna. When the later part of the trip came around we stopped on one of my favorite wrecks in 120 feet just off the reef edge. I had hoped we would catch some nice Mutton snappers but the Black groupers had a deferent plan. We caught 5 monster Black groupers one after the other. All the  fish were over 25 pounds. It was a crazy bite and so fun to be apart of. Sadly we had to let them all go but we had enough meat in the cooler anyway so it was all really just a bonus.

Big snappers and grouper on the half day

Today Scott his son and I headed out from Key west on a half day fishing charter. We headed straight to a wreck in 150 feet and never needed to move. We caught our first Black grouper of the new year. Witch we safely released. We also landed lots of Barracudas. Half way through the trip Scotts son Matt hooked a huge shark that took the both of them and about 30 minutes to land. In the midst of all this action was our coolest fish of the day. Scott hooked and landed a beautiful Cubera snapper in the 20lb range. Cubera are one of the toughest fish to not only hook but also to land.

Limit of Blacks

Sticking to what is hot again today I headed straight to the deep wrecks where I have had tons of success lately. We anchored up in 220 feet and didn’t need to wait very long before we had bite after bite. Landing most and as always losing a few to the sharks and the wreckage. We ended up with a limit of Black groupers along with a few Mutton snappers. We also landed a few sharks and some Amber jacks that we safely released.

Last week of grouper season

More big fish on the deep wrecks today. The wreck fishing in Key West has been as good as it ever gets. We have been seeing lots of African pompanos and Mutton snappers. With just a few days left in the grouper season the Black groupers have been biting. Hooking and landing these Blacks in the deep is no easy task but what a sweet reward it is to get one in the boat.

Snapper afternoon slay

I ran a fun little 4 hour charter in the morning catching a few Yellowtail snappers, Barracudas, and sharks. I then headed out again with some great guys form Pennsylvania. We head our sights set of catching enough fish to feed the wedding party of 16 people. With some hard work we had more than enough fish to get the job done. We landed lost of big snappers and even a few bonus fish including one nice African pompano.