Jacks and sore backs

Today my crew said ” Cap. put us on some big fish”. I was more than happy to oblige this request. When it comes to big fish in the ocean be careful what you wish for you just might get it. We stared small catching Yellowtail snapper for lunch and Bar jacks for the livewell. After we had the live bait and dinner covered we headed for a deep wreck that has been red hot as of late.

Today was no different we landed Amber jacks one after the other. We had caught 4 or 5 nice sized jacks in the 30 lb to 40 lb ranger. We made one last drift before heading home and sure enough that is when we got the big one. With tired arms already all 4 of my anglers took turns on the reel to bring in the last fish. After a good 10 min fight it was over and a beast of a jack lay on the deck no less than 60 lb.

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