Inshore slay

Some days mother nature is doing here best to keep us at the dock. Today nothing was stopping us we had a game plan and were ready. With high winds out of the north we decided to stay inshore and work some areas of reef. As we headed out just a few miles from Key West we had light rain most of the morning. Lucky for us the fish didn’t seem to mind the rain or wind one bit, because after anchoring the boat up on a reef in about 25 feet we had nonstop action. We hooked Mutton after Mutton and even mixed in a few other really cool by species. We were catching so many nice snappers we started tagging and releasing legal sized fish because we had far more than we needed for dinner. Today was a perfect day of fishing with anything but perfect weather. This just goes to show you always trust in your guide we know where to go when things look nasty out. We are here for you and want nothing more than to make every trip a trip of a lifetime.

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