inshore mayhem

Today we were fishing a 4 hour trip with a lovely family of 5. The weather was a bit gloomy and windy so we decided to fish some inshore stuff and man was that the right call. We started our day catching some Pinfish and ballyhoo for live bait. After about 20 minutes we had more than enough for the day so we headed off to our first spot. We anchored the boat in about 20 feet of water and got our rods ready. The first bait out had a bight before the second even made it in the water. The action was so fast I could hardly keep up. We were catching Mutton snappers left and right on our live baits. We also caught some nice Mangrove snappers and even a few groupers. To top the whole day off we also landed a huge Nurse shark on 40 lb. test after a long 15 minute fight. Today was a perfect day on the water we had calm seas and all the fishing action we could handle. No matter what the weather is hitting us with here in Key West we can almost always manage to get out and have a great day.

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