Full day Slay

Today was lights out from start to finish we made it happen and we only hit 3 spots. Our first stop was on the reef to catch Yellowtail snapper. We caught them left and right till we were close to a limit. We then moved to a deep wreck in 170 feet where we landed 2 big Mutton snappers a Black grouper and a few sharks. The sharks got a little aggressive so we moved to a wreck in 160 a few miles away. It didn’t take long and we where back on the fish. We caught a smaller Mutton snapper and a Margate right away.  Our next bite we landed a monster African Pompano that was just huge for the near Key West wrecks. With a full cooler Randy, Marty, and I headed in to start cutting fish after a near perfect day on the water. Cant wait to see these boys again someday.

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