Sunset, Snorkel, and Snapper

We headed out on another half hay today, but we left the dock at 4:30pm. Our plan was to do a little snorkeling and, as the sun was getting low, get in some snapper fishing. We headed south out of Key West into the Atlantic. I made my first stop on a beautiful reef spot for snorkeling but the water was a tad murky. We ended up running a few more miles to another shallow reef which was much much cleaner. After lots of swimming, cannonballs, and looking at all the beautiful sea life, we dried off and got the fishing gear ready.

After a short mile run, we were on top of my favorite snapper spot. We caught countless Yellowtail snappers, some Mangroves, and even a big Mutton. Mixed in with all that action, we also got some Barracudas and one big shark. After taking lots of pictures and watching a beautiful Key West sunset, we headed home just before dark.

Florida Fishing Trips Key West

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