Day with mom and pop

Today was an awesome day fishing with my parents. We had done some reef fishing the day before and caught some really nice Yellowtail snappers. Our plan was to switch it up and fish out deep for some bigger snappers. As we headed out to the wreck I planned to fish I saw a bunch of Tuna breaking the surface eating some bait. I had just enough time to cast a plug on the boil and hooked up right away. We landed one big tuna before the fish when down. We continued our way to the wreck where we crushed the fish. We caught Jacks, Vermilion, Tuna, Mutton and , True reds one after the other. With almost no room in the cooler my mom hooked into one last monster fish. After a long fight she landed our best fish of the day boating a 30 lb Cubera snapper.

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