Day 3: Jacks

The boys wanted to switch it up today and do something that they have yet to do before. We started our day on the reef catching Blue Runners and Yellowtails to put in the livewell. After loading the livewell, we headed to a wreck, in 300 feet of water, that always has Amber jacks on it. We got to the wreck, dropped the heavy set up, and held on with both hands. It wasn’t but a few minutes before we were tight on the first rod. We got a bite on the second rod, but the hook pulled right away. After a backbreaking 10 min fight,we had our first of many Amber jacks in the boat. We made drift after drift , catching Amberjacks. We even landed a big Sand Bar shark on mono by accident. With very tired backs and arms we headed in ready for one more day to battle with some monster fish.

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