Sundown slay fest

Today I ran a half day charter in the late afternoon. We left the dock at 4 pm and would be back at 8 pm. We started off on the reef in 60 feet where we loaded the livewell with Bar jacks. We then made a half mile move to our first wreck in 160 feet of water. We caught lots of  big barracudas only minutes after being on the spot. We then moved 4 miles to our next wreck in 300 feet of water. We beefed up our tackle size and sent some big live Bar jacks down. We were not disappointed as we hooked big Amber jacks as fast as we get the baits down. After catching 4 or 5 big jacks we got an awesome bonus King mackerel on a vertical jig. With tired backs and arms we headed in one a gorgeous evening.

Barracuda bite is red hot

Many wrecks around Key West hold a lot of fish but no wreck near Key West holds more Barracudas then the Vandenberg. The bite on the Vandenberg for Barracudas has been lights out. Here’s just a few pictures of some of our recent catches.

Key West Barracuda Fishing

Key West Barracuda Fishing

Winter Bite is Hot

Today I fished a full day charter. We started our day on a wreck in a 190 feet where we landed a beautiful African Pompano. We later moved spots to the edge of the reef where we started catching muttons and groupers almost immediately. After landing 3 muttons, 2 blacks, and a few jacks we repositioned again. This time on a wreck in 120 feet, we landed another couple of Muttons, a big Black, and multiple Barracudas.

Muttons Munching

Today I fished a full day with an awesome family. We started our day off on the reef catching yellowtail snappers and a nice yellow Jack. We later moved deeper anchoring on a deep wreck in about 190 feet. There the action was non stop. We caught 10 mutton snappers and kept 7. It was a perfect day on the water.