Summer in Key West is fishing Heaven

The weather has been truly spectacular as of late here in Key West Florida. The waves have been less than 2 feet for the last week and 0 feet some days. The water has been clear blue and full of life as these last 3 trips will show. I have been starting the day on the reef in about 50 feet catching snappers and sharks then moving out to the deep wrecks. The action on both has been nothing short of perfect. We are catching ( Yellowtail, Mangrove, Amber jack, Almaco jack, Lemon sharks, Blacktip sharks and many more)

On my offshore days I have been Mahi Mahi fishing and doing great. When we had had out fill of catching Mahi we have been doing some deep dropping with electric reels in 500 to 800 feet of water. When deep dropping we are catching ( Snowy grouper, Blue and Golden tilefish along with lots of Blackbelly rosefish )

Key West deep wrecks

With the water starting to get warmer its time to start working the deeper wreck. Bigger fish in my opinion leave the shallow reef and wrecks and go deep as summer sets in. That is why I have spent my last few trips hitting the deep wrecks hard. This is just a taste of what we have been getting this week. Fish species include ( Red snappers, Bonita, Mutton, Amber jack, Barracuda, Sharks and more)

Spearfishing trip

Had some guys call me up early this morning looking to do a little spearfishing. I was all about so I hopped out of bed and headed to the dock. We loaded up and got off the dock around 10 am. My divers today were very skilled so we spent most of the day diving in 60 to 80 feet of water. We had some issues with water clarity but managed to shoot a few nice fish. For a late start and battling dirty water I was proud of my crew and the had work it takes to do those deep dives.

Jacks and sore backs

Today my crew said ” Cap. put us on some big fish”. I was more than happy to oblige this request. When it comes to big fish in the ocean be careful what you wish for you just might get it. We stared small catching Yellowtail snapper for lunch and Bar jacks for the livewell. After we had the live bait and dinner covered we headed for a deep wreck that has been red hot as of late.

Today was no different we landed Amber jacks one after the other. We had caught 4 or 5 nice sized jacks in the 30 lb to 40 lb ranger. We made one last drift before heading home and sure enough that is when we got the big one. With tired arms already all 4 of my anglers took turns on the reel to bring in the last fish. After a good 10 min fight it was over and a beast of a jack lay on the deck no less than 60 lb.

Heavy Tax day

The mutton snappers are done spawning but that doesn’t mean they stop eating. We fished hard today bouncing around on some spots close to Key West. We lost more than a few to the sharks today but that happens. When it comes to bottom fishing there can be a heavy tax you have to pay some days. We still managed to get a few beauties by the toothy critters. We also landed lots of Amber jacks and Barracudas to pass the time between snapper bites. Nothing like a good workout before heaving a delicious snapper dinner.

Lures and lunker’s

What a great day to be on the water with light winds and minimal waves we had it made. We spent most of our time today hitting some of the deeper wrecks. We caught countless fish drifting over several wrecks but one fish towered over the rest in size. We were on a wreck in 300 feet and had caught a few Amber jacks and a few Red snappers already. We set up in front of the wreck once more and dropped down our lines. Moments later Nick who was working a vertical jig hooked into a monster fish. After a 30 minute fight for the ages Nick had the biggest Amber Jack ever landed aboard the “ALL IN “. The fish was no less than 72 inches and over 100 lbs. It was truly a fish of a lifetime and the fact it come on a vertical jig makes it that much cooler.

Testing the deep

Today my girlfriend and I headed out again to do some scouting for a few new deep drop spots. I searched in areas where I have caught fish before and found some nice structure on the bottom. I found 4 for 5 new areas where I am excited to fish in the future with my fishing charters. Today I was able to catch a limit of Tile fish and even one nice Golden Tile fish.

Scouting during Quarantine

Well there is a huge gap in my post because like lots of us I was unable to for all of April and May to run charters. The road into the keys was closed so that put an end to our chartering. I took my boat out a few times to try some new things and gain confidence in new areas, styles, and spots. Not all attempts went well but today was a great day. I along with my friend Zach headed out to do some deep dropping. We hit a few spots we new but spent the majority of the day looking for new ones. We did much better than expected and we both now have a few more tricks up our sleeves that we can use on tough days.

quick family outing for some lunch

I love taking kids fishing nothing is better or more rewarding. I have the best job in the world some days. We headed to a patch of reef in about 20 feet and had a blast catching tons of snapper and groupers. We even made a pit stop before heading home and caught a few big Barracudas as a bonus.

Family fun fishin for our lunch

Today I got to take one of my favorite families out to the reef in search of some snappers for lunch. We headed out for one of my favorite patch reefs. We landed lots of snappers and groupers more than enough for a few meals. We then headed to a great spot to catch Barracuda to catch a few big ones before heading in.