Careful What you Wish for

Today was another great day on the water. The seas were less than 2 feet and there was just enough breeze to keep us cool. The request today was snappers and groupers. I left Key West and headed South to hit a spot I know and love for some Yellowtail snappers. We put the chum in and, not long after, started catching a lot of legal Yellowtails. With enough for dinner, we headed to a wreck in about 180 feet of water.

We got to our new spot and put the chum back in the water, which had the Blue Runners going crazy. I rigged a very heavy rod with some line and a hook to match. We then quickly hooked a Blue Runner and sent him down to the wreck for what we hoped would be a Black grouper. We soon hooked up and had more than our hands full.

It was a full team effort to land what we soon learned was no small Black grouper. Looking down in the crystal clean blue water, we could see a beast-of-a fish starting to float up the last 60 feet or so. It was a monster Goliath grouper that was over 200 lbs (by my guess). After some pictures and a lot of high fives, we did our best to vent the beast and send it on its way. We made a few more unsuccessful drops on the wreck before leaving. We pulled the hook on one nice fish and got busted off in the wreck by another. All in all another great day with some great guys.

Best deep-sea fishing in Key West

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