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Key West deep wrecks

With the water starting to get warmer its time to start working the deeper wreck. Bigger fish in my opinion leave the shallow reef and wrecks and go deep as summer sets in. That is why I have spent my last few trips hitting the deep wrecks hard. This is just a taste of what […]

Spearfishing trip

Had some guys call me up early this morning looking to do a little spearfishing. I was all about so I hopped out of bed and headed to the dock. We loaded up and got off the dock around 10 am. My divers today were very skilled so we spent most of the day diving […]

Jacks and sore backs

Today my crew said ” Cap. put us on some big fish”. I was more than happy to oblige this request. When it comes to big fish in the ocean be careful what you wish for you just might get it. We stared small catching Yellowtail snapper for lunch and Bar jacks for the livewell. […]

Sundown slay fest

Today I ran a half day charter in the late afternoon. We left the dock at 4 pm and would be back at 8 pm. We started off on the reef in 60 feet where we loaded the livewell with Bar jacks. We then made a half mile move to our first wreck in 160 […]

Heavy Tax day

The mutton snappers are done spawning but that doesn’t mean they stop eating. We fished hard today bouncing around on some spots close to Key West. We lost more than a few to the sharks today but that happens. When it comes to bottom fishing there can be a heavy tax you have to pay […]

Lures and lunker’s

What a great day to be on the water with light winds and minimal waves we had it made. We spent most of our time today hitting some of the deeper wrecks. We caught countless fish drifting over several wrecks but one fish towered over the rest in size. We were on a wreck in […]

Testing the deep

Today my girlfriend and I headed out again to do some scouting for a few new deep drop spots. I searched in areas where I have caught fish before and found some nice structure on the bottom. I found 4 for 5 new areas where I am excited to fish in the future with my […]