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If its blowing patch reefs we going

With winds still a bit high we again put our time in on the patch reefs. We had non stop action catching fish after fish. We started the morning off catching some big Yellowtail snappers. Later we focused on bottom fishing and caught lots of Mutton snappers, Dog snappers, Mangrove snappers, Red groupers, and sharks. […]

Patch reefs paid off

With the seas still a bit choppy we stayed close to home and put our time in on some patch reef spots. We had fish after fish all trip long. Landing over 15 mutton snappers and at lease 6 groupers and countless other species. Keeping only what we needed and letting most go we still […]

Snappers snapping

Today we headed out at 8am for a morning 4 hour fishing trip. We started out on a section of reef that is one of my favorites. The action was uncommonly slow so after 20 min we headed to a wreck in 90 feet hoping to change our luck. We didn’t have to wait very […]

Fish eating after Eta

Today we fishing an evening 3 hour trip from 3:15 pm to 6:15 pm. We had an absolutely beautiful trip. We had lots of action calm seas and plenty of fish for dinner. We fished the reef and landed lots of snappers and even one big Red grouper. We come home just after sunset and […]

birthday girl and big fish

Today I got to take Elizabeth and her awesome family out for a morning half day charter. We started on the reef catching some bait and a few Yellowtail snappers for the cooler. We then headed to a deep wreck for some big Amber Jack action. After rigging the lines and setting our drift we […]

Monster Sharks

Today I headed out at 4 pm. on a sunset charter with 2 clients. We had our sights set on catching some groupers and snappers off the deep reef 6 miles south west of the island. After anchoring the boat and putting out the chum is was just a few minutes and the fish were […]

Monster Tails and Tunas

We loaded up just before 8am this morning before we headed for the reef to do some snapper fishing. I set the boat on my all time go to Yellowtail snapper spot. To my dismay the conditions were not very good and the fish were unresponsive. Given the wind and tide conditions I knew exactly […]

Tuna town Key West

Today my crew wanted to head out and do some Mahi Mahi fishing offshore. We left the dock early and headed south for deep water with a  full head of steam. We made it 15 miles with out seeing much of anything at all. We had landed 2 small Skipjack tuna in our first 2 […]

Black after Black

As we left Key West behind we headed for the reef to start our day off by doing some Yellowtailing. The bite was not as good as we had hoped so we took a few for dinner and put a few of our bycatch in the livewell. We next headed to a deep wreck in […]

Key West Mahi Mahi mixed bag

We started our day out catching some really nice Yellowtails as we often do aboard the ALL IN. With meat in the cooler and a perfect start to the day we decided to head further offshore in search of some Mahi Mahi the fish so nice they named it twice. I didn’t have to run […]