Captain Garrett Frey

Captain Garrett Frey is the sole owner/operator of ALL IN Fishing Charter. Although originally from Indiana, Frey was born to be a fishing captain in beautiful Key West, Florida. While growing up, Frey would fish locally at a pond near his home. His love for fishing began at the age of two, with his first catch being a bluegill. The dream of running a charter began at the age of 14, when Frey met a woman at the pond who asked if he could help her son catch fish. The woman offered Garrett 20$ for his services. It was in this moment it all clicked.

After graduating high school, Frey packed his life into his car and made the journey to Key West, FL. Frey spent his first two years on the island earning an A.S. in Marine Engineering at Florida Keys Community College. Every spare second outside of the classroom was spent on the water, fishing and perfecting his trade. Being so close to fulfilling his dream led to countless hours of work, ramen noodles, and saving every penny he had so that no time was wasted.

Frey spent six and a half years working on the Second Nature as first mate and captain. The time spent on the Second Nature provided him the opportunity to really learn the waters around him and prepare himself for one day running his own charter. During these years, he found his specialty in bottom fishing for snappers, groupers, and sharks.

ALL IN is a product of hard work, dedication, and determination; made obvious to anyone who has the opportunity to meet and fish with Captain Garrett Frey. Every trip is unique, but fish is always guaranteed.  For an unmatched and unforgettable experience fish “ALL IN”.