King of the wreck

Today was a day to remember. Everything went exactly according to plan. We started our day getting some nice Yellowtail snappers for lunch. As we’re catching our snapper we also caught Bar jacks and Speedos to put in the livewell. With both the cooler and livewell packed full we headed to a deep wreck in 170 feet. We had all the action we could handle. Landing monster Amber jacks one after the other. We even landed 2 big Black groupers. With time for one more drish Alex (a 16 year old boy) asked if we ever catch Goliath grouper? I said oh yeah!! We put our biggest bait on our biggest rod and boom fish on. With a lot of power, luck, and determination we had him.

Hammer time of year in Key West

Today we started out on the reef in about 60 ft looking for some yellowtail snappers. As we’re yellowtailing we also put down a shark rod in hopes to catch something big. Little did we know we’d hook into something really big that we fought for just about an hour before finally getting boat side. After a long fight we had our prized fish a big Hammerhead  shark close to 250 lb. After getting a few pictures with the shark we let him go then went to a wreck in 190 feet where we caught a few more nice sized amberjacks all over 40 lb. It was really a perfect day we caught lots of snappers for dinner some big sharks and some strong amberjacks to finish off.

More action on the shallow reefs

Today we headed out about 4 miles and settled on one of my all time favorite shallow reef spots. We caught so many fish it was hard to keep up with these young boys. Just such a great day on the water 🙂

Inshore is every bit as fun as offshore

Today with the wind blowing 25 to 30 knots offshore we decided to stay inshore near Key West in the nice calm waters. We started our trip off in about 30 ft on a area of  heavy reef. After catching five months and snappers and putting three in the cooler we decided to switch up do some shark fishing. Right away after setting up on our new spot we started catching big sharks one after another. In total we caught 5 sharks over 100lbs.

Sharks don’t play nice

Today we started our day on The reef catching yellowtail snappers one after the other. We lost quite a few big yellow tails and a few other nice snappers on the reef to the sharks. We moved out to a deeper wreck and 180 hoping that the sharks would give us a break. Sadly the sharks were just as bad out deep as they were on the reef. All in all still a great day on the water and we came home with more than enough fish for dinner.