Testing the deep

Today my girlfriend and I headed out again to do some scouting for a few new deep drop spots. I searched in areas where I have caught fish before and found some nice structure on the bottom. I found 4 for 5 new areas where I am excited to fish in the future with my fishing charters. Today I was able to catch a limit of Tile fish and even one nice Golden Tile fish.

Scouting during Quarantine

Well there is a huge gap in my post because like lots of us I was unable to for all of April and May to run charters. The road into the keys was closed so that put an end to our chartering. I took my boat out a few times to try some new things and gain confidence in new areas, styles, and spots. Not all attempts went well but today was a great day. I along with my friend Zach headed out to do some deep dropping. We hit a few spots we new but spent the majority of the day looking for new ones. We did much better than expected and we both now have a few more tricks up our sleeves that we can use on tough days.