quick family outing for some lunch

I love taking kids fishing nothing is better or more rewarding. I have the best job in the world some days. We headed to a patch of reef in about 20 feet and had a blast catching tons of snapper and groupers. We even made a pit stop before heading home and caught a few big Barracudas as a bonus.

Family fun fishin for our lunch

Today I got to take one of my favorite families out to the reef in search of some snappers for lunch. We headed out for one of my favorite patch reefs. We landed lots of snappers and groupers more than enough for a few meals. We then headed to a great spot to catch Barracuda to catch a few big ones before heading in.

Family Fun trip

Today we had a family of 5 out for a fun half day of fishing. This was the groups first experience salt water fishing it was also a first time ever even fishing for one angler. We kept thing light and fun with nonstop action on some patch reef fishing. We caught lots of Mangrove snapper some to small to keep but plenty for the cooler. We also caught and released 5 Red groupers from 15 to 24 inches. We even managed to land a big Nurse shark over 100 lb.


On fire in the early AM

Today was just a quick in and out 3 hour trip but my oh my were we on fire. I anchored the boat on a wreck in 90 feet and never had to move. We were catching nice sized Yellowtail snappers one after the other. After catching more than enough for dinner we put our focus on the bottom fishing. We were hardly able to keep the baits on the bottom the hits were coming so fast. We landed Black after Black grouper as fast as we were putting baits down. We then put a few live baits out on the surface and again struck gold with a monster King mackerel. After that we picked up the anchor and headed back to Key West full steam. We need to cut fish so my crew could make there 1 pm. flight.

Full day Slay

Today was lights out from start to finish we made it happen and we only hit 3 spots. Our first stop was on the reef to catch Yellowtail snapper. We caught them left and right till we were close to a limit. We then moved to a deep wreck in 170 feet where we landed 2 big Mutton snappers a Black grouper and a few sharks. The sharks got a little aggressive so we moved to a wreck in 160 a few miles away. It didn’t take long and we where back on the fish. We caught a smaller Mutton snapper and a Margate right away.  Our next bite we landed a monster African Pompano that was just huge for the near Key West wrecks. With a full cooler Randy, Marty, and I headed in to start cutting fish after a near perfect day on the water. Cant wait to see these boys again someday.

Snappers Sharks and a big Red

We started our day on the reef in about 60 feet of water. We anchored the boat and put the chum in the water. It was not long and we had the Yellowtail snappers eating right behind the boat. We landed more than enough for dinner and tossed a few in the livewell before moving the boat to a deeper area of reef. After a mile run I set the boat up in about 100 feet of water. We were still fishing hard reef structure but this time we were looking for big snappers and groupers. It didn’t take long and we had got a few big fish to bend the rod. We lost a few and landed a few the nicest being a 20 lb Red grouper. We snapped a few pics and tossed him back and headed for the dock ready to filet some fish for a fresh catch lunch.