half day play

Today we started our day on a wreck in 90 feet where it was a little slow but we did get one monster Black grouper. After lots of photos we let the grouper go since the season is closed till May 1st. We then headed to a wreck in 220 were we had non stop action. We caught Amberjack, Mutton snapper, Yellowtail snapper and a few other we let go. It was a slow start but all in all an awesome day full of laughs and bent rods.

Morning half day

We had a big group of 6 awesome anglers this morning here in Key West on a business trip. We headed out early at 8 am and had our sights set on bringing home fish for the 6 out with us along with another 6 out on the town. We started our day catching Yellowtail snappers and a few huge Lemon sharks. After we had a cooler full of snappers we then headed to a wreck where we landed a few small sharks and one big Mutton snapper.

crushing in the deep

Today we headed out on a full day charter at 8 am. Knowing we had all day to catch fish I headed to a wreck about 15 miles west of Key West. We made a few stops for some live baits on the way and arrived at our fishing spot around 9 am. We anchored the boat and the rest is history. We couldn’t keep a bait on the bottom the action was non stop with countless jacks and snapper. We landed a beautiful Almaco Jack that was upwards of 40 lbs. We also landed to lots of Red snappers over 20 lbs. We battled multiple sharks and honestly we where catching fish so fast we had to slow down. Our angles were getting so tired they could hardly hold on to the rod anymore! After maxing ourselves in the deep we picked up and moves in to shallower water in search of some light tackle action. We set up on the reef in 60 feet of water and started catching some Yellowtail snappers and a few Barracudas. After all that the boys were tired, thrilled, and ready for a cold one back at the dock. We put the hammer down and charged home with a cooler full of fish for dinner soon to be filleted.