Day with mom and pop

Today was an awesome day fishing with my parents. We had done some reef fishing the day before and caught some really nice Yellowtail snappers. Our plan was to switch it up and fish out deep for some bigger snappers. As we headed out to the wreck I planned to fish I saw a bunch of Tuna breaking the surface eating some bait. I had just enough time to cast a plug on the boil and hooked up right away. We landed one big tuna before the fish when down. We continued our way to the wreck where we crushed the fish. We caught Jacks, Vermilion, Tuna, Mutton and , True reds one after the other. With almost no room in the cooler my mom hooked into one last monster fish. After a long fight she landed our best fish of the day boating a 30 lb Cubera snapper.

Power 6 hour

We had our sights set on big fish so that what we did. We skipped the reef and started out deep. We anchored the boat up on a wreck in 250 feet and never need to move. We caught Amber Jack one after the other till our arms were spent. We than put our focus on some snappers and it wasn’t long till we had more than enough for dinner. Some days the fish just jump in the boat as fast as you put the lines out. Its not always like that but got to love it when it is.

Key West Pprivate Fishing Charters

big sharks and snappers

Today we headed out on a 6 hour charter with a group of 6 guys. We started our day off catching yellowtail snappers and a few monster sharks. We later moved out to the deep and caught a few Amber Jacks and some big Barracudas. We had nonstop action all day from the reef to the deep wrecks. All in all it was a perfct day in the water with some awesome guys.

Christmas Day

I had originally had today’s trip set for Christmas eve but the weather outlook was so much nicer Christmas day I was happy to move the trip. We had planned to do a spearfish and fish combination but the water was a bit dirty from the almost week long high winds so diving was going to be tough. We started fishing on a wreck in 150 feet where we caught Yellowtails, Barracudas and Blue runners. After bending the rods and having a great time fishing we put the fishing gear and got suited up for some spearfishing. We worked a few a beautiful reef spots shooting a few cool fish before packing it in and heading home.

more inshore mayhem

Well again mother nature wanted to keep us at the dock but the bite has been way to good for that. We again stayed close to home in the calm inshore waters. We anchored the boat in about 30 feet this time and put the lines out. We had a slow start not getting a touch for the first 10 minutes. Once we hooked our first fish it was like the flood gates opened and we hooked fish after fish for the next 3 hours. Today again most boats stayed home but not us. I will always go all out for my clients to do whatever must be done to have an awesome day. Today we had a plan and stuck to it and it paid off. it really could not have been a more perfect day.

Inshore slay

Some days mother nature is doing here best to keep us at the dock. Today nothing was stopping us we had a game plan and were ready. With high winds out of the north we decided to stay inshore and work some areas of reef. As we headed out just a few miles from Key West we had light rain most of the morning. Lucky for us the fish didn’t seem to mind the rain or wind one bit, because after anchoring the boat up on a reef in about 25 feet we had nonstop action. We hooked Mutton after Mutton and even mixed in a few other really cool by species. We were catching so many nice snappers we started tagging and releasing legal sized fish because we had far more than we needed for dinner. Today was a perfect day of fishing with anything but perfect weather. This just goes to show you always trust in your guide we know where to go when things look nasty out. We are here for you and want nothing more than to make every trip a trip of a lifetime.

kings and yellowtails

Today was a great day I got to take out some local snowbirds. I have a few groups of guys that charter me a few times each winter and I always look forward to getting on the water with them. Today we headed west and started our day on the bar doing some Yellowtailing. In between catching Yellowtails we loaded the livewell with Speedos that we had planed to use for live bait later. After loading the livewell and the cooler we switched gears and put out the live Speedos in search of Wahoo. It wasn’t long and we had our first bight. After a good fight we landed a big King not a Wahoo. We landed a few other big Kings but couldn’t find a wahoo before heading in on our 6 hour charter.

4 hours of fun

Today I had another action packed day. We headed to a wreck in 150 feet of water.  The action was so good never even needed to move after that. Catching snappers, jacks, mutton, barracudas and more. It was a blast of a day with some great guys. All in all it was a perfect day of fishing.