HOT inshore action again

Today with strong winds and high seas offshore we stayed close to the island and we were not disappointed. We landed big sharks up to 200 lbs, groupers, and some awesome mutton snappers that we kept for dinner.

We still had to work at it trying a few spots but once we got on the fish the action was more than steady. Its so awesome that we can almost always go fishing here in Key West. Regardless of weather conditions its very rare that we cancel any of our trips.

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The option of flat come seas in Key West near shore waters is phenomenal. I love being in calm seas catching big fish and making my clients happy all without anyone throwing up over the side.


Last Minute 4 Hour trip

Got a last minute call today from an awesome family of 5.  We headed out for a 2pm to 6pm trip with action and calm seas.  I headed for a calm area with some great shallow reef spots. We had such a great time. We landed fish after fish more than we could count. We landed all kinds of snappers and even a few species of grouper. After keeping what we needed for a nice fish dinner we headed home to a beautiful Key West sunset .



Reef action packed 4 hour

Today we started our day by trolling the beautiful reef here in Key West. We trolled 2 large deep diving plugs around the reef for about and hour. We landed 1 beautiful black grouper and a few Barracudas.

With not as many bites as we had hoped we switched gears and tried our luck anchored up on the reef. I move to a beautiful patch of reef in about 70 feet that I frequent often

After putting the chum bag in and getting the lines out it wasn’t long and we landed a bunch of nice Yellowtail snappers and one big Mutton.

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Trip 2 of the day

After my morning trip it was a quick turn around before I was loaded up with my next charter. My second charter was a group of 6 awesome young guys. We started our trip on the reef catching monster sharks and yellowtail snappers.

We landed 3 Lemon sharks all well over 200lbs and a fisty Bull shark in the 150lb range. After all the shark madness and some really nice yellowtail snappers we headed to a wreck in search of some mutton snappers.

It was not long and we had found exactly what we came for. We landed 5 muttons with 3 being legal before packing it in and heading back. Hope I get the chance to take these boys back out on the water again some day.

We had a blast out there cracking jokes and making life long memories.

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