Dont party before you fish

Today we had a morning half day charter with a great couple from Texas. We left the dock at 8 am and headed south to a wreck that has been red hot for me the last few weeks. Half way to our destination I could tell my crew was not looking so good. I asked if there were okay and they insisted they were fine but were hurting from all the parting they did the night before. Let me tell you the last thing you want to be is hungover on a rocking boat out in the sun. Please save the partying for after the trip and celebrate then.

I got the boat anchored on the spot and in just minutes we were hooked up. Our crew had to take turns on every fish. One would fight the fish as the other was blowing chunks then they would switch rolls. I will say they did hang in there for a good hour. At that time we managed to catch 3 big blacktip sharks and a few small jacks. It could have been an amazing day on the water but a little to much fun last night shut us down. With tired arms and empty stomachs, I took them home hours early. Glad to be back on solid ground we said our goodbyes and made plans to do this all again another day and do it right this time.

Key West Party Boat

Afternoon action

Today we got a little extra sleep since we were leaving the dock at 4 pm on a half-day charter. I love fishing evenings the last four hours of light are just as good if not better than the first four. We started our day on the edge of the reef in search of some snappers and sharks. The current was nonexistent and that’s not good for fishing on the reef.

We did manage to catch a few small fish in our short time on the reef before pulling anchor. We then moved to a wreck in 170 feet and had no need to move after than. We caught Blacktip sharks as fast as we put a line in the water. We also landed lots of blue runners and a few Bonita before heading home to Key West.


Mahi and Sharks

Today we headed out early with our sights set on catching Mahi Mahi. We started fishing on a nice weedline in 700 feet and had no luck. I also found 2 huge bamboo logs, in 1100 feet of water, that should have been loaded with fish. Just before we were about to give up ,we got the bite we had been hoping for. After a good fight, we boated a nice 25 lb Mahi Mahi. We gave it another 30 minutes hoping to strike gold again, but it was not meant to be. After 4 hours, we decided to head in and fish a wreck with the last bit of time we had left. After setting up on the wreck in 170 feet we started getting bites right away. We ended up landing a few smaller sharks and a nice sized Black Tip shark before heading home.

Big Bites at Sunset

Our trip today was an afternoon/evening run. We left the dock at 2 pm and would be coming back around 8 pm when the sun was setting. We started our trip on the reef in search of Yellowtails and sharks, but unfortunately the current was less than conducive for this style of fishing. We didn’t stay there long, so we switched gears and tried the edge of the reef. On our first deep stop, we landed a few small sharks and one big Sandbar shark about 120 pounds.

Key West group fishing charters

We had a blast with the sharks, but now had our sights were set on catching snappers and groupers. We ended up moving a few miles and re-anchored the boat in about 130 feet on a small wreck. This wreck was just a few hundred feet off the edge of the reef. We didn’t get a lot of bites but the ones we did get were all worthy fish. We first landed a beautiful Black grouper in the 25 pound range. Next, we landed a monster Lemon shark in the 300 pound range. With just a few minutes left to fish, we hooked a slob Mutton snapper that was easily 15 pounds or more. After a quick picture, we pulled anchor and headed home with a beautiful front row view of the world famous Key West sunset.

4 Hour Fun

We headed out this morning at 8 am. from Garrison Bight. Today I was running a charter for my old boss whom I worked for for almost 7 years. We headed South and anchored the boat in about 60 feet of water. We put the chum in the water and had our sights set on Yellowtail Snappers. In addition, we also had lines out for grouper and sharks.

Half-day Fishing Key West

It was not long until we started catching some nice Yellowtails. As a bonus, we also got a few big Nurse sharks (close to 200 pounds), a nice Mangrove, and Mutton snapper. With more than enough snappers for dinner and some tired arms from sharks, we decided to switch it up and do some trolling. I headed out just off the edge of the reef in about 120 feet and we put the lines in. We landed a few small Bonita and one big one before packing it in and getting back to Key West in time for lunch.