4 Hours Tuna and Sharks

We got to the dock early and left Key West at around 7am. It was then that we pointed the bow south and charged offshore in search of Mahi Mahi and Tuna. It was not long until we found a great weedline, but were disappointed that there were no Mahi on it. We pushed further offshore and found some birds feeding on the water. These birds led us to a few Bonita and one nice Skip Jack Tuna. Usually anything you find floating offshore is covered in Mahi and all sorts of other life but not today. There were even two huge bamboo sections that ended up being empty.

Tuna Fishing Key West

After catching a few short Mahi throughout the morning, the action was just not what I had hoped. It was then that we pulled the lines in and headed for one of my favorite wrecks for better action. We got to the spot, anchored the boat up, and put the lines out. It was no more than 5 minute and we finally had the action we were looking for. We caught a lot of sharks and jacks (we even lost a few groupers in the wreck) before packing it in and heading for port back on Key West.

Father Son Fun

Today was an absolute blast! I got to take a very enthusiastic young man and his dad out fishing. We started on the reef for a bit of Yellowtail Snapper action as a warm up. After that, we moved out to a wreck in 170 feet where we started catching Blacktip sharks one after the other.

Sport fishing in Key West Florida

In between the sharks, we also got a big Barracuda witch was an awesome surprise. Today was a great day here in Key West. We had perfect condition which is obvious from the pictures. It is so much fun to take young anglers that have such love for fishing. Its a nice reminder of how I was as a child. I could hardly go more than a day with out wetting a line and seeking that thrill of a bite.

Mini Season Day 2

After catching more lobsters than we could eat in a week on day 1, we decided to spend day 2 of mini season fishing. We headed out away from all the madness and parked the boat on my favorite Yellowtail spot in about 55 feet. We tossed the chum in the water and, in no time, we were catching some nice tails for dinner. After putting more than enough in the cooler for dinner (and a few in the livewell), we headed to a deep wreck in 160 feet of water. We landed a lot of Barracuda, few sharks, and even a nice Mutton Snapper before heading in to filet our catch. Another mini season in the books and what a blast it was! I hope to see the same awesome crew back next year.

Mini Lobster Season Day 1

Mini lobster season here in the Keys is as big as New Years Day everywhere else. These are some crazy fun days to be on the water or even just in town. The dive shops are packed with people getting last minute gear and the marinas are packed with boats in every slip. Mini season consists of 2 days, Wed and Thurs, starting about a week before the regular season opens.

While is it definitely not easy, catching lobster can be so much fun. I would say, though, that you need to be comfortable in the water with both swimming and snorkeling. The more freediving experience you have, the better. Most of the spots I go to hunt for lobsters are between 8 and 15 feet deep. This depth can make it tough for some get down to the bottom if they don’t know what to expect.

This year, I had a husband and wife with their 2 boys and we has a blast! The boys and their father were very comfortable in the water, but the Mrs stayed in the boat, drank wine, and took a lot of pictures. By days end, we had just shy of our limit, leaving many legal lobsters behind for tomorrow. It was another perfect day on the water with calm seas and lots of smiles.

Deep Drop Fun

Today was the 4th and final day with Mike and his two sons. We had the opportunity to catch a little of everything in the last 3 days, so today had endless possibilities. The boys really loved the deep dropping so that is what we decided to focus on. We left the dock at 8 am, and headed about 12 miles west of Key West before we set up for our first test drift of that day. The bottom bite was red hot with so many different species. We caught Rose fish, Blue Line Tile fish, Snowy Grouper, and more. After catching a ton of fish on the electric reel, we even started catching a few really nice fish on hand crank. Now, mind you, we were in depths over 600 feet which is a long way up with a fish and heavy lead on the line.

Key West deep sea fishing charters

Today was a fun day full of surprise fish and lots of laughs. I couldn’t ask for better clients than Mike and his boys. The love they have for fishing and the bond we now have after fishing together for multiple years is awesome. I can’t wait until next time so that we can do it all over again.


Day 3: Jacks

The boys wanted to switch it up today and do something that they have yet to do before. We started our day on the reef catching Blue Runners and Yellowtails to put in the livewell. After loading the livewell, we headed to a wreck, in 300 feet of water, that always has Amber jacks on it. We got to the wreck, dropped the heavy set up, and held on with both hands. It wasn’t but a few minutes before we were tight on the first rod. We got a bite on the second rod, but the hook pulled right away. After a backbreaking 10 min fight,we had our first of many Amber jacks in the boat. We made drift after drift , catching Amberjacks. We even landed a big Sand Bar shark on mono by accident. With very tired backs and arms we headed in ready for one more day to battle with some monster fish.

Round 2: Mahi Mahi

Heading out on day 2 (this time for a full day) in search of Mahi Mahi. We, again, headed South out of Key West for a good 15 mile run , but we found the fish. The bite was non-stop first thing in the morning. We were catching Mahi 2 or 3 at a time. After boxing more than a few decent Mahi, we pressed on to look for a monster one. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any monsters. In fact, as the sun got high in the sky the bite slowed down,  so we decided to switch gears.

Key West offshore charters

We headed in a few miles to some of my favorite deep dropping spots. I brought the electric reel out and plugged it in. After a quick lesson in using the electric reel, the kids were having a blast and landing lots of cool and exotic fish they have never seen (or even heard of). We landed Blue Lint Tile fish, Rose fish, Bearded Brotula, and a little Snowy Grouper. The beauty of deep dropping is that you never know what’s going to happen down there at depths between 500-900 feet. We had a day full of Mahi laughs and new species; time to head home and do it all again tomorrow.

Just a Warm Up

This week, one of my favorite charters is back again to fish with me. We are fishing 4 days total, but only fishing a half day as a bit of a warm up on day 1. We headed south of Key West at 8 am in search of major action. After about a 20 minute boat ride, we arrived at an area of reef that is great for snapper fishing. Near the full moon in July, the Mangrove snapper spawn on the reefs here in Key West so I was very confident we’d see a lot today. We dropped the anchor and the rest was history. 

We landed more snappers than we could have kept track of. There were so many that we were keeping only the biggest Mangrove and Yellowtail snappers. We even had to let plenty of legal sized fish go. In addition, we landed a few sharks up to 200 lbs and a monster Yellow jack. The 4 hours flew by and we were soon back at the dock cleaning fish so that Mike and his 2 sons could enjoy them for lunch. Another, near perfect, half day with all the action we could handle and a few surprises thrown in. It’s days like today that just can’t be beat. Time to get ready for round 2 and crush it again.