Sunset, Snorkel, and Snapper

We headed out on another half hay today, but we left the dock at 4:30pm. Our plan was to do a little snorkeling and, as the sun was getting low, get in some snapper fishing. We headed south out of Key West into the Atlantic. I made my first stop on a beautiful reef spot for snorkeling but the water was a tad murky. We ended up running a few more miles to another shallow reef which was much much cleaner. After lots of swimming, cannonballs, and looking at all the beautiful sea life, we dried off and got the fishing gear ready.

After a short mile run, we were on top of my favorite snapper spot. We caught countless Yellowtail snappers, some Mangroves, and even a big Mutton. Mixed in with all that action, we also got some Barracudas and one big shark. After taking lots of pictures and watching a beautiful Key West sunset, we headed home just before dark.

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Snapper Action

Today, we headed out on a little half day; it was a father and his 2 sons. We parked the boat and released the chum in about 60 feet of water. It wasn’t long and we had Yellowtails balled up behind the boat. We were catching Yellowtails one after the other and having a blast. As we were reeling in one of our snappers, a Barracuda grabbed him and ripped the fish in half, leaving only the head. I quickly unhooked the head and put it on a rod rigged specifically for this situation. We tossed the head back in the water and the Barracuda crushed it immediately. After a good fight, we boated him for a few pictures before letting him go.

Before heading home, we got one more awesome bite from a big Yellow jack that came right up to the back of the boat. All in all, another great day on the water. We had nonstop action along with a few surprise big fish mixed in. After cutting up our catch, the boys and their father headed off to a restaurant to have there fresh catch prepared. Half day fishing charters are an awesome way to get your day started in paradise. We usually get back to the dock at 12Pm; the perfect time for a fish lunch and lot’s of leftover time to explore the island.

Mahi and Then Some

Today was another great day of offshore fishing here out of beautiful Key West, Florida. We loaded up and headed out at 7am. We were is search of Mahi so we headed South out of Key West into the Atlantic. After about a 45 min ride, we came across a huge weedline with lots on little birds. This was exactly what we were looking for. The lines went in, and in no time we had 3 fish on at the same time. We could have caught these little Mahi till our arms fell off, but we pressed on after catching 10 or so to look for bigger fish. After about 2 hours of steady bites, but still all smaller fish, we decided to switch gears.

We headed in a little bit shallower to do some deep dropping. We got out the big electric reel and sent some baits down 500 to 700 feet. There were none stop bites here as well. We were catching Rose fish, Blueline tile fish, Golden tile fish and Snowy grouper. With our limit of most of our deep water fish in the cooler, we had just enough time to make one last stop. On our way in, we made a drift over a deep wreck in about 320 feet. Barely 1 minute into the drift, we hooked a monster fish. After a long fight, my 2 very determined angers were successful. It was a monster Amber jack that I would guess was in the 70 lb range. With what could only be described as a perfect day, we headed back to the dock to clean some delicious fish for dinner.

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Careful What you Wish for

Today was another great day on the water. The seas were less than 2 feet and there was just enough breeze to keep us cool. The request today was snappers and groupers. I left Key West and headed South to hit a spot I know and love for some Yellowtail snappers. We put the chum in and, not long after, started catching a lot of legal Yellowtails. With enough for dinner, we headed to a wreck in about 180 feet of water.

We got to our new spot and put the chum back in the water, which had the Blue Runners going crazy. I rigged a very heavy rod with some line and a hook to match. We then quickly hooked a Blue Runner and sent him down to the wreck for what we hoped would be a Black grouper. We soon hooked up and had more than our hands full.

It was a full team effort to land what we soon learned was no small Black grouper. Looking down in the crystal clean blue water, we could see a beast-of-a fish starting to float up the last 60 feet or so. It was a monster Goliath grouper that was over 200 lbs (by my guess). After some pictures and a lot of high fives, we did our best to vent the beast and send it on its way. We made a few more unsuccessful drops on the wreck before leaving. We pulled the hook on one nice fish and got busted off in the wreck by another. All in all another great day with some great guys.

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Fun in Just 4

I Headed out of Key West again today on a little 4 hour / half day trip. Today’s goal was action! The goal was to have a fun day on the water with lots of bites and laughs. We hit the nail right on the head today with that request. I decided to start the morning off on a section of reef that I absolutely love to fish. This group had their sights on Yellowtail snappers so we anchored the boat and put out the chum. It was not long before we had the Yellowtails coming in one after another. Throughout the day, we also landed a large Nurse shark and a few Barracudas.

We decided to go hit a deep wreck for the last hour and a half to try for some big ones since the day was already made. Our first bite was a good sized Amber Jack and not long after that, we landed 3 Mutton snappers and a big shark. It was finally time to head in for lunch.

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Today was one of, if not, the best 4 hour charter I have ever had. Without a doubt, this is a trip I won’t soon forget. The previous day I had fished for 6 hours and honestly didn’t have much to show for it; but that is just fishing, that is how it goes. One day you can’t get a bite to save your life and the next day the fish are jumping in the boat.

Today, I woke up feeling ready to prove myself and do better than yesterday and that’s exactly what I did. The charter and I loaded up and left at 7 am and parked the boat at 7:30 am. Our first stop was in 170 feet of water and not once did we need to move. We started with a 42 lb black grouper in the first 15 minutes. Shortly after, we landed 3 more Black groupers back to back to back. In the middle of tossing the 26, 22, and 20 pound groupers on ice, we landed a nice Amberjack about 30 lbs. Later, as a bonus, we got 2 sharks that weighed well over 100 lb. With today’s great bottom bite, we hardly had time for anything else. We did, however, manage to land 7 flag Yellowtail snappers all over 2 lbs in what little time we had remaining. Today was truly a perfect day. A day far beyond what I had planned or could of imagined.

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Monster Mangrove

Today we headed out again on a 3/4 day of wreck and reef fishing. We started our day catching a few Yellowtail snapper. In about 65 ft, we caught a monster 8 lb Mangrove snapper; reaching a new personal best aboard the ALL IN. With one amazing catch already in box, we decided to make a move and fish the edge of the reef in about 120 feet of water. We hooked and landed a few nice Mutton snappers along with 2, 100+lb, sharks. We hooked a few other nice snappers later in the trip. Unfortunately, the tax men (aka sharks) were a bit faster than we were and stole our catch before we could get them in the boat.

Key West Mangrove Snapper Fishing

Happy Accident

We left the dock at 8 am this morning for a 6 hr charter. We set up shop on the edge of the reef,(just to the west of KW) in search of some Mutton Snappers. While the bite was not as hot as it had been recently, we still ended up landing a big Sandbar Shark and a few Yellowtails. We then moved down the reef and tried another spot which was in about 120 feet of water. Our luck was not much better this time around and we ended with few little snappers and a couple sharks. That’s when I knew that it was finally time for something different.

I had seen some bird activity offshore and decided to switch gears and do some trolling. While we were in the process of clearing our bottom fishing lines, a big bull Mahi Mahi hit one of our baits that was just dangling in the water! Not one of us were prepared for this, out of the blue, bite. But as soon as we got everything in order, we had a good fight. We finally landed a beautiful 20lb Mahi.

We ended the day by trolling for the last 2 hours. There was a steady bite of Mahi, Bonito, Barracuda, and Skipjack tuna. Today may not have gone at all as planned, but it was still such a fun day on the water. You never really know what’s going to happen out there and that’s what makes it so much fun. No two days are the same and anything can happen.

Snappers and Jacks

Today was another action packed day aboard the ALL IN. We even had the Yellowtail snappers chewing on the chum bag. We were flipping tails in the boat one after another when suddenly a slob of a Yellow-jack came cruising into the slick. I quickly grabbed a Ballyhoo and flipped it out to the jack. The fish ate it so fast i’m not even sure the Ballyhoo hit the water. After a great fight and a few minutes, we had him in the boat. It was a perfect cherry on top of an already awesome day.

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