Rough Seas and Mahi’s

Today I was back working on a boat I had fished on for over 6 years. The owner, Dan, needed a day off to be with family and I was more than happy to help. We headed out early today, around 7 am. When it comes to Mahi-Mahi fishing I like to think the early bird gets the worm.

The seas were a bit rough, but we had a salty crew so that was no matter. We headed south off the edge of the reef and soon found a weed-line and some birds. That was a good sign from the start, and we had a steady bite for the next 2.5 hours. With our trip coming to a close, we headed back towards the beautiful Key West. We got into calmer waters and grabbed a few quick pictures as a token to remember our awesome trip by. The seas made us earn our catch but the fish did not disappoint.

Key West Fishing Trips

Rough Winds Can’t Keep us Down

When the winds are high and the seas are rough, trust in your guide. On days like this, the shallow water and patch reef action is one of the best options. Today, we fished the shallow reefs, which is a fantastic alternative (and my go-to spot) when the seas are rough. When I say shallow, I mean 15 to about 40 feet deep. The seas outside the reef had about 6-8 ft waves. Whereas, the seas we fished today were around 1 to 3 ft; nothing more than a light chop. It may look rough outside, but always trust in your guide to show you a good time and to take you to where the fish are. Doug let me make the call in the morning on what the game plan for our half day of fishing would be. I’m happy to say I didn’t disappoint. We had non-stop action catching Yellowtails, Mangroves, and Mutton snappers for dinner. We even landed a few sharks over 150 lbs., along with a beast of a Mutton snapper in the 10 lb range.

Key West fishing excursions

Half Day Grouper Slay

The month of May is always a great time for catching groupers here in Key West. Today’s client, Mike, just wanted to go out and have some fun, so we planned a very hands-on and action packed day for him and his wife. We started our day catching Yellowtail snappers in about 60 feet of water. After non-stop action of catching Yellowtails we wanted to try our luck somewhere else. We moved to an area of reef in about 90 ft. of water to try our luck with the groupers. The tricky part about this spot is that you have to keep the groupers out of the razor sharp coral reef. This no easy task. Thankfully, Mike was up for the challenge! When they started to bite, he gave them everything he had; besting 3 out of 5 legal sized Blacks in about a 45 min span.

Deep-Sea Fishing in the Keys

Mutton Spawn

Today on our charter, we headed out at 8 a.m. for a full 8 hour fishing day. I had the pleasure of taking Micheal ( a repeat client of mine ) along with his 2 sons. We headed west about 15 miles before finally setting the boat up in 120 feet of water. The bite was red hot all day long; we loaded the boat with a lot of Mutton Snappers. During the time on our first spot, we also landed 2 Sand Bar Sharks over 100 lbs and a Nurse Shark close to 250 lb. After catching more fish for dinner than we could eat in weeks, we decided to head in to the reef and look for some Permit. It didn’t take long before we found what we were looking for! After catching and releasing several Permit, we headed home. Today was a perfect day – start to finish. Everything went exactly according to plan.

Muttons to Permit

Today the Monday bite was as good as it gets! At our first stop of the morning, we werte busy from the start and ended up catching 10 muttons. With a cooler full of fish already, we decided to spend the rest of our day chasing and site fishing Permit around on the reef. We ended up catching quite a few before heading back to Key West.

Key West Fishing Charter

Mutton 2 This

Today is one of the earliest days in the spawn for the Mutton snappers. For the next week, the Mutton snappers bite should be off the chain. Even with the spawn just beginning, we managed to crush a cooler full of beautiful fish.

Sharks on Sharks

Today was a super fun day where we targeted sharks on our 6 hour trip. We landed 6 Black tips, 2 Sandbar sharks, 1 Lemon, and a nice little Hammerhead. Along with the sharks, we caught some snappers and a few other odds and ends fish on the bottom.

shark fishing key west

Shark Fishing Key West

Fun 1/2 Day Gulf Side

Today I had a group of guys that wanted to catch some goliath groupers. We headed to a wreck in the Gulf of Mexico where we landed 4 big goliaths. We also landed this beautiful Cobia and a handful of snappers and sharks.

Half Day Fishing Trips Key West

Half Day Fishing Trips Key West

Tournament Champions

For the last 2 days we have been fishing the annual shell tournament here in Key West Florida. The shell tournament is a charitable event put on by the Shell corporation every year down here. The tournament is a multi-species tournament where a vast variety of fish add to your score making it an interesting and challenging tournament. We constantly had to change gears change tackle and switch locations. This is my 1st year in the tournament as a captain and couldn’t be happier with the work of my crew. We lead the field on day one with the highest score out of all 30 boats. On day 2 we didn’t do as well and I was worried about where we would be in the standings. We ended up winning by just 5 points. With our score being 915 we took first in the center console division. The tournament was a lot of work but so much fun. It was a proud moment to climb up on stage with my anglers and receive our 1st place awards.

Key West Fishing Tournament

Father-son snappers

Snappers are so much fun. The bite has been great. We had an amazing 6 hour charter with this great father and son team.

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