Snappers Jack’s and barracudas

Today we fished a 6 hour charter. We headed out again to the many wrecks and reefs here in Key West. We started our day catching yellowtail snappers and a few barracudas. We later went out to a wreck in 220 feet where the bite was red hot. We landed a few massive snappers and a few other bottom fish before heading home.

Key West Reef Fishing Charters

Snappers and a Bonus Cobia

Today we fished a 1/2 day reef and wreck charter. We started our day off catching really nice size Yellowtail Snapper in 55 ft of water. We then moved to a wreck for a short time before heading home. On our way home, just a few miles off of Key West, we saw a school of Cobia and hooked the biggest one in the group. It was a perfect way to end an already perfect day.

Snapper season is warming up

Today we fished a 6 hour charter on the wrecks and reefs off Key West. We started our day on a wreck in a 160 feet where we caught some Amber jacks. We later moved to the edge of the reef in a 120 feet where we caught mutton snappers. We also got a few more jacks along with some monster sharks.

Key West sport fishing charters