All or Mutton

Today, we left the dock at 1 pm so that we could let the wind die down and catch the sunset bite. After a quick stop for live bait, we headed out to a wreck in 190 ft. After positioning and anchoring the boat, we started fishing. If I’m being honest, it was a slow start. eventually, I gave the fish a final 10 minute warning to start biting or we were leaving to try a new spot. Five minutes later, the bite started and never stopped.




I happened to have a day off and couldn’t resist the oceans call. I called my buddies Kody and Nikki, and we headed out early in search of Wahoo. It didn’t take long to see our first fish. Soon after that, Kody struck first and boated a nice 40 lb Wahoo. 45 minutes later, I followed suit with a 45 lb Wahoo of my own. We had what we came for, so we headed home in time for lunch.


Small Seas and Big Kings

Today we did a little snorkeling and a little fishing. After swimming around and seeing all the beautiful fish, we decided to catch some of our own. We landed a few Yellowtails and a couple kings, including this smoker. William, age 10, did an awesome job landing this King mackerel. It was his first time ever fishing!! Making memories that hopefully last a lifetime on the “ALL IN!” What’s better than that?

One Stop Shop

Today we fished another 6 hour charter. After catching a few live baits on a marker, I anchored the boat on a wreck in 200 feet. We had no need to try another spot since there was non-stop action. With a full cooler and sore arms, we headed home.

Non Stop Action

Today I finished a 6-hour trip with just one guy. Bram was great; him and I had an amazing day on the water. Catching  big Mutton snappers, a lot of Amber jacks, and even a Blackfin tuna. It was flat calm and non stop action, leading to a perfect day. 

Fun In The Sun


Today, I was out guiding some friends on their Conch 30 boat. This picture is featuring the birthday girl, Brenna, holding a beautiful Black grouper. Accompanying the grouper, we also caught two sharks (each over 300 lbs), Amber jacks, a Mutton snapper, and a lot of nice Yellow-tail snappers…Just to name a few.

Big Fish on the Bottom

Another fun day of bottom fishing on the ALL IN. We Fished the edge of the reef in about 120 feet, where we landed snappers, groupers, and a few others of various species. While on anchor, we got to see a monster Tiger shark that was easily 500 pounds. The shark came right up to the boat along with two sailfish that were chasing ballyhoo around the reef.


Flat Calm Seas


Today was another great day fishing. We caught Blackfin tuna in the AM and snappers in the afternoon. It ended up being a perfect day on the water.

Action Packed Day

Today was truly a perfect day on the water. We made a game plan as we arrived at the boat and executed it to perfection. We headed out and loaded the boat with live bait straight away. After anchoring on our first spot, we immediately started catching Blackfin tuna. Later in the day, we made a move to a different wreck because sharks started to eat all of our fish. On our new spot, we changed our focus to catch snappers and groupers. The bite was as good as it gets! With tired arms and a full cooler, we headed home.

Half Day Sharks and Snappers

Today I had another awesome group. There were 10 people that wanted to head out and fish a half day. To accommodate this large group, I called up my friend Brad who is 2 boats down from me at our dock. We each took 5 people and headed out. Brad fished the patch reefs and caught some snappers and Red groupers. I headed out to the reef edge and caught some nice Yellowtail snappers and 1 monster Lemon shark. It took all 5 people and an hour fight, but we finally landed our trophy sized Lemon shark. The fish was at least 300 lbs and over 8 feet long.