Mahi and Wahoo

Today was almost a perfect day of fishing. We started off red hot catching mahi after mahi. In search of finding a larger fish we left the line full of keeper size mahi. After a few fish here and there we found our Slammer dolphin pushing 25 lb. Not long after that we found a beautiful grass mat with debris where we could have sank the boat in Mahi and even got a nice wahoo.

Quick 4 Hour Trip

Today we did a 4 hour trip on my friend Julian’s boat. This was do to mind being in the shop. We had an awesome group of people who really wanted to get offshore and try for some Mahi. We found no debris or grass so Mahi fishing was tough. Julian and I found a big flock of birds with tuna busting under them. Quickly we switched gears and starting catching beautiful black fin tuna. It wasn’t long before we had five or six in the box and even a Mahi and headed back home for lunch.

Wrecked it Today

What a fun day today. The young boys brought all the luck. We started our day catching Yellowtails on the reef. After we had plenty of tail, we anchored close to one of my favorite wrecks. It didn’t take long and we had two monsters blacks in the boat and headed for home with a full load of fish.

Mahi Madness

With summer in full swing the Mahi Mahi bite is red hot. We have been catching lots of medium sized fish with just a few throwbacks. Our best fish today was in the 25lb range.

2 Perfect Trips

The last 2 days were perfect. We did an evening, 6 hour, trip; fishing the wrecks and reefs just a few miles off of Key West. We landed 8 Mutton snapper, a beautiful Black grouper, and a few monster sharks. On our next 6 hour day, we went offshore trolling for Mahi mahi. We had a steady bite all day! At the end of our charter we had a box full of keeper fish before finally heading for home.

No More Room in the Box

Today was an epic day like no other. We started our day off Mutton fishing on the edge of the reef. By mid day, we reached our limit of 5 Mutton snappers each. We decided to head towards one of the many deep wrecks around Key West in search of Black grouper. We landed several Amberjacks before all the hard work finally paid off. In the end, we landed a beautiful 30lb Black grouper followed by a 20lbs one back to back. That brought us to our limit of both snapper and grouper. With no room left in the cooler and tired arms and backs, we headed in about 30 minutes early.

What a Day!!

This past week in Key West, fishing has been about as good as it gets. My main focus has been on fishing the wrecks and reefs. Today, particularly, we caught a lot of Mutton snapper, Red snappers, Amber jacks, and Black groupers. If you love to go fishing, Key West Florida is the place to be during summertime!

Summer Time is Monster Season

If you’ve been to Key West during the summer months, you know that the sharks rule the reef. Some days we do our best to avoid the monsters, but others we go out and face them head on. Today, we landed multiple sharks over one hundred pounds! This beautiful 300lb Bull Shark was one of our best.

Big May Blacks

Another beautiful day on the water! We fished a few of my favorite wrecks this morning. Unfortunately, we lost lots of fish to the sharks. This year the sharks have been stealing far too many of our fish. We did, however, manage to land this beautiful Black, a few nice amberjacks, and some Yellow tails before heading home.

Opening Day

Regardless of the wind and slightly dirty water, we went out anyway. It was May 1st and opening day for grouper season so there was no way I was staying home. Took some work but I got a really nice fish that made the whole day worth it.