Summer Time is Monster Season

If you’ve been to Key West during the summer months, you know that the sharks rule the reef. Some days we do our best to avoid the monsters, but others we go out and face them head on. Today, we landed multiple sharks over one hundred pounds! This beautiful 300lb Bull Shark was one of our best.

Big May Blacks

Another beautiful day on the water! We fished a few of my favorite wrecks this morning. Unfortunately, we lost lots of fish to the sharks. This year the sharks have been stealing far too many of our fish. We did, however, manage to land this beautiful Black, a few nice amberjacks, and some Yellow tails before heading home.

Opening Day

Regardless of the wind and slightly dirty water, we went out anyway. It was May 1st and opening day for grouper season so there was no way I was staying home. Took some work but I got a really nice fish that made the whole day worth it.