Bucket List

Monster Sailfish today! We spent most of the morning working hard to find a Sailfish. After a good hour and change without a bite, it all finally came together. After a long fight full of jumps and maneuvering, we had our trophy fish in the boat. After a quick photo, we revived the fish and sent her on her way.

Tuna Tuna Tuna

Today was such a great day! We had calm seas and all the fish we could handle. The day started by catching live ballyhoo in hopes that we could turn them into some Blackfin tuna. We went a few miles and anchored on a wreck in 260 ft. It didn’t take but a few minutes to hook our first fish. After landing our first, we caught fish non-stop. In just a few hours, we had more Blackfin tuna than the cooler could hold and finally headed home.

Permit Spawning Time

It’s finally that time of year again! That time when hundreds of Permits gather on the wrecks and reefs off of Key West. This afternoon we headed out for a little 4 hour trip. We had non-stop Permit action – we must have hooked 20 permit. A few got away, but without a doubt, it was one fun afternoon.


Muttons for the Miami Boys

Today we fished another morning 4 hour trip. We started on the reef catching some really nice sized Yellowtail snappers. After a bunch of tails were chilling on ice, we had a little fishing time left. We then moved out to a deep wreck in search of some Mutton snapper. It turns out that’s exactly what we found!


Boat Day for the Birthday Girl

Yesterday afternoon and today, I got to take an awesome group of ladies out on the water. The girls had two awesome days full of snorkeling, drinking, dolphins, turtles, and just making lifelong memories. If it’s water related, I’m your guy. Here at ALL IN charters, I do it all!

Who Said No Bananas

What an awesome day! We landed 2 monster sharks right away.  We also caught lots of nice Yellowtail snapper and this monster mutton on our morning 4 hour trip. It was a perfect morning with everything going according to plan.

Perfect Evening

Such a fun afternoon half-day!! We left the dock at 4pm, hoping to catch the sunset and some fish. That is exactly what we did! After catching a monster shark and some huge Yellowtail snappers, we headed out to a deep wreck. We were in search of a Blackfin tuna and that’s exactly what we got.