Flat Calm Seas


Today was another great day fishing. We caught Blackfin tuna in the AM and snappers in the afternoon. It ended up being a perfect day on the water.

Action Packed Day

Today was truly a perfect day on the water. We made a game plan as we arrived at the boat and executed it to perfection. We headed out and loaded the boat with live bait straight away. After anchoring on our first spot, we immediately started catching Blackfin tuna. Later in the day, we made a move to a different wreck because sharks started to eat all of our fish. On our new spot, we changed our focus to catch snappers and groupers. The bite was as good as it gets! With tired arms and a full cooler, we headed home.

Half Day Sharks and Snappers

Today I had another awesome group. There were 10 people that wanted to head out and fish a half day. To accommodate this large group, I called up my friend Brad who is 2 boats down from me at our dock. We each took 5 people and headed out. Brad fished the patch reefs and caught some snappers and Red groupers. I headed out to the reef edge and caught some nice Yellowtail snappers and 1 monster Lemon shark. It took all 5 people and an hour fight, but we finally landed our trophy sized Lemon shark. The fish was at least 300 lbs and over 8 feet long.

Snappers are Snapping

Nothing like a few delicious mutton snapper for dinner. Did a little scouting after my rainy half day charter this morning. I can’t wait to get out there with clients and fill the cooler. With the temperatures colder than normal, we have had on more layers than usual these days. The cold is not a bad thing though, as it has got these snappers fired up and feeding!

Two Days of Fun

The water and weather has been absolutely beautiful this week. This is Chris with his beauty of a black grouper. It is my third year captaining for Chris; he brings his 28 Mako to Key West yearly. This trip was great!. We fished 2 full days and had a blast. We loaded the boat with live bait both mornings and headed out. Each day we caught mutton snapper, groupers, jacks and much more. Looking forward to next year guys.


Tuna and Snapper

Today was a blast! I had an old friend from high school and his family come out and fish with me. It’s always fun to take old friends out and fish, but it’s even better when the fish are biting. We had a great 6 hour trip anchored up on a wreck in 190 ft.  The day started off with landing some jacks, followed by some nice Mutton snapper. We raised a sailfish, but he was not interested enough to eat our live bait. We even hooked a few Blackfin tuna before heading home in time for lunch. One of our Blackfin tunas was easily 25 lbs.


Snappers and Groupers

This is a picture of our catch from Christmas day. We fished a full day of 8 hours and had a great time. We caught lots of fish with calm seas and made some amazing new friends to spend the holidays with. This is just one of a few trips in the last few days of 2017. The fishing has been surprisingly amazing since hurricane Irma rattled the Florida Keys. I can’t wait to get back out there in 2018 and catch some fish!