Winter Bite is Hot

Today I fished a full day charter. We started our day on a wreck in a 190 feet where we landed a beautiful African Pompano. We later moved spots to the edge of the reef where we started catching muttons and groupers almost immediately. After landing 3 muttons, 2 blacks, and a few jacks we repositioned again. This time on a wreck in 120 feet, we landed another couple of Muttons, a big Black, and multiple Barracudas.

Fun in just 4 hours

Today we fished a quick little 4 hour charter. We started off our day catching a lot of Yellowtail Snappers. After we had our limit, we moved to deeper waters in search of bigger snappers and grouper. That was exactly what we found.

Muttons Munching

Today I fished a full day with an awesome family. We started our day off on the reef catching yellowtail snappers and a nice yellow Jack. We later moved deeper anchoring on a deep wreck in about 190 feet. There the action was non stop. We caught 10 mutton snappers and kept 7. It was a perfect day on the water.

Jacks on Jacks

Today was a super fun day. We started our day on the reef catching yellowtail snappers for dinner. We then loaded the livewell full of blue runners, grunts, and yellowtail before heading out to a deep wreck. We the had non stop action catching amber Jack’s and a few other species. We even lost a few to the sharks as you can see.

Deep Sea Fishing Florida

4 Hour Wreck and Reef

Today we started our day off catching nice sized yellowtail snapper on the reef. We then fished a wreck in 140. We landed 2 huge mutton snappers and multiple sharks before heading in for lunch.

Key West Sport Fishing

Power 6 Hour

Another great day fishinging offshore Key West.

Today we had a perfect 6 hour charter. We started our morning off catching blackfin tuna left and right. As the sun came up high the tuna bite shut off. We then switched gears and started catching mutton snappers,  sharks, barracudas, and Jack’s. Today was a perfect day of fishing where everything went according to plan. With a full cooler we headed home.

Come down to Key West and see what great offshore fishing is about.

Captain Garrett

Evening Bite was Insane

Today we fished a 6 hour afternoon charter.  With the seas a little rough we headed out anyway making our way to the west of Key West 10 miles. We anchored up on a wreck in a 120 ft. where we immediately started getting bites. We lost a lot of fish to the wreck and more than a few to the sharks. We still did managed to load the cooler with muttona and 4 blacks before heading home.

Key West Wreck Fishing

A Perfect Day on the Water

Today we fished a 6 hour charter. We went about 10 miles to the west of Key West and anchored up on the reef. We started our day off with yellow tails and sharks and ended our day with black groupers and mutton snappers.

4 Hours of Fury

Today we fished a 4 hour trip out to the reef. It was a bit bumpy, but we hung in there. The bite was very good we caught big mangroves yellowtails and sharks and barracudas.

Mid day Mahi

Today we loaded up and left the dock at 9am. We had our sights on Mahi-Mahi. Heading south out of Key West we headed for deeper waters. Some days I only have for go 10 miles to find some Mahi. Today took a bit of running as I went close to 20 miles before putting lines in the water. In the end it was totally worth it. We had all the Mahi we could ask for. We fished for about 2 hours before heading home.